Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Puttering Around the Internet

It seems that the Adoptee Rights is still going strong.  I am grateful for that one.  I have not been very involved in posting adoption information.  I did recently converse in an email conversation with the Daily Bastardette.  I told her that I was shocked that so many organizations are settling for so much less.  The Illinois Debacle was horrible.  Now several other states are now considering similar horrible legislation.  We can't go that route.  These laws take forever to change. 

If there is one thing that I believe in, it is the right to access one's own birth certificate.  It is up to the individual to decide what they want to do with it.  They can line their cat boxes with it for all I really care.  Accessing that document and making contact are two different entities.  I personally believe that a person needs to be prepared for any and every possible situation.  It is a delicate circumstance no matter how  you look at it. It takes a great deal of courage and strength to even begin to look into one's past.   It helps to be prepared.  I recommend Betty J. Lifton's books if you are an adoptee.  I recommend the Girls Who Went Away by Ann Fessler.  If you are an adoptive parent, please read any book by Anne Babb.  She is awesome.  I can't say enough good things about her.   They give you a good solid look into the pysche into these individual groups of people.   If you can read any combination of these books, you begin to understand the decision processes of all of these people. 

With my recent experiences, I can guarantee you that no one has the right to privacy.  There is no such monster.  It is a monster.  For those that do not know, I had my computer, my sister's computer, and all of my email accounts compromised.  My ex husband utilized former friends to access these accounts.  He used emails that were written from my sister's home against me in a court of law.  These emails were illegally obtained.  It can be done.  Yes, it is a crime, but it is a crime that has jurisdictional issues.  It is also a crime where many times the thieves are not prosecuted.  Judges even allow this illegally obtained information in court.  The area in which I lived is well known for its corruption in the justice system. We are not talking law enforcement.  We are talking common criminals.  These are people who call themselves Christians of all things. 

Privacy does not exist for Americans.  If you write something on the internet, in a letter, or even say something, it can come back to haunt you later on.  Even if you communicate via telephone, you never know when a conversation is being recorded.  People use all kinds of ways to track others. 

It is long past the time to repeal many of these outdated laws.  No American citizen should be denied access to the documents that accurately record their birth.  No American citizen should be denied access to their child's original birth certificate especially if their names are on that document. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome to My New Blog

I will be starting over again with blogging but it will not be limited to just adoption. It will include so much more. My attitudes have been colored in deeper shades of reds, greens, blues, purples, and other colors by the very experiences of the last two years of my life.

I find myself redefining who I am almost moment to moment. It is not the same as it once was. Do I still believe that corruption exists in adoption? Oh heck yes. It also exists in other facets of family courts. I have experienced it full force in my life in the last six months.

This is where I explain my story in full detail. This is where I document every aspect of my life in recent months. If you don't think that it can happen to you, you are wrong. I was attacked at the very core of my being. It was an unsuspecting attack. It came from the very person that I loved and trusted with everything that I was as woman, human being, mother, and ultimately wife. Key word there is loved. Past Tense. I will show you how I have managed to slowly heal from the ultimate betrayal. It still is a work in process for me. Eventually by week's end, the old blogs will be up and running. So will the websites. I promise you. No one will keep me down. I MEAN NO ONE.